International Lutheran Student Centre


We are currently fully booked in May and early June 2018. Those wishing to stay between June and September 2018 can apply via either the holiday let form (14 nights or less) or the short term form (15 nights or more). Please apply, via the link below, if you are interested.


Academic Year 2018-19

We are now taking applications for the 2018-19 Academic Year! If you will be a full-time postgraduate student, and you are interested in living in our community between September 2018 and September 2019, please apply via the link below. You will need to register a StarRez account and then go to "Applications/Pay Booking Fee" to begin the application process.


Continuation of Residence 2018-19

Current residents wishing to extend their contract into the Academic Year 2018-19 can apply for continuation via the Continuation of Residence form available (please log in and click on "Applications/Pay Booking Fee"). 

Click here to make an on-line application or payment for accommodation.StarRez

2017-18 Terms & Conditions

2018-19 Terms & Conditions 

Applying for accommodation

Long-term accommodation (3 months or more)

Places at the Centre are always in demand. Preference is given to students who:

• are postgraduates applying for the full academic year;
• are members of Lutheran churches;
• have limited financial resources but sufficient to meet their expenses;
• are engaged in academic programmes that will contribute to the development of their societies or the improvement of human welfare;
• are willing to contribute their talents, skills, aptitudes or interests to the community life of the Centre;
• are normally resident in a developing country. 

Living in community means spending a lot of time together.  To make this the best experience possible, we would like to get to know our applicants.  For this reason, please include sufficient detail in your answers on the application.

NB  Applicants who give very short answers (less than 3 sentences per question) are rarely successful.

Although preference is given to Lutherans, efforts are made to ensure that residents with different religious faiths and views are given places at the Centre.  Usually about two-thirds of the residents are Christians from any denomination and about a third are non-Christian.  The beliefs of other faith communities are fully respected and the Centre promotes mutual understanding and tolerance among persons of different religious beliefs.

Applicants who do not meet all of these criteria may still be offered a room, depending upon the number of applicants and rooms that are available.

Applications will be considered every two weeks by the Admissions Panel.  

Applicants are asked to provide details of any disability or serious allergy as the Centre may need to allocate certain rooms or make certain adjustments to meet applicants' needs.  The International Lutheran Student Centre will retain this information for applicants offered a room as a record of their requirements and may provide this to appropriate staff.  Residents will remain responsible for their own health and safety.

Sensitive information given in your application is confidential to the Admissions Panel and staff of the Centre.

Short-term accommodation (more than 2 weeks but less than 3 months)

Although short-term accommodation is usually only available from May to September, it is worth contacting us at other times in case we have a vacancy. 

Holiday lets (stays of 2 weeks or less)

Although holiday lets are usually only available from May to September, it is worth contacting us at other times in case we have a vacancy.

To apply for any of these periods please click on the text next to the StarRez logo which is to the left of the screen.

We will inform you of the decision made on your application by email only.  It is your responsibility to check your email and to ensure that your email address, as notified to us, can receive emails and attachments.  Hotmail and AOL users:  ensure that the Centre's email address ( is on the allow list.