A home for postgraduate students

The International Lutheran Student Centre is a modern home for international students in central London. The Centre provides good facilities and comfortable, moderately priced accommodation for 80 residents. It is intended for full-time postgraduate students, but accommodation for non-students is available during the summer and occasionally at other times.


Much more than a roof over your head

The Centre aims at providing clean, high quality accommodation and a friendly, welcoming environment that is suitable for postgraduate students. It tries to be a home away from home, not just a hall of residence.

The community is small and family-like but very diverse in the nationalities, faiths and cultures of its residents and staff. The Centre’s staff make every effort to ensure that the community is welcoming, supportive and sensitive to the cultures of the residents.


Be part of a community

The Centre is more than a hall of residence; it is a community with a Lutheran Christian ethos. Our residents choose to live here because they want to be part of this community and enjoy making a positive contribution to it. This may be demanding, but it is also hugely rewarding! Residents typically contribute in one of the following areas, in a way that fits with their busy lives as postgraduate students:

  • hospitality (e.g. organising or helping with events, catering, washing up)
  • chapel (supporting the spiritual life of the Centre, e.g. through music, helping set up, leading a simple time of prayer)
  • outings (e.g. leading a hiking trip, theatre visit, or sports activity).

To maintain and deepen the Centre’s community, all residents also commit to attending an annual weekend away in October (this year from 7-8 October 2017), and meetings or events with floor mates or the whole group of residents (up to once a month).


Active spiritual life

Many of our residents have some Christian commitment, though we also welcome people of other faiths and none. The basis and orientation of the Centre are Christian and the tradition is Lutheran, which supports each individual in finding and deepening their God-given spiritual identity, and the beliefs of those who profess other religions are fully respected.

The ILSC provides opportunities for all to discover or deepen the Christian faith, and to have an active spiritual life. A chaplain is on the staff to enable discussion, provide individual support and organise regular worship in the Centre’s chapel.


Ideal location

The International Lutheran Student Centre is in central London, on a quiet street in Bloomsbury and ideally situated for many of the colleges and institutes of the University of London. It is 5 minute walk from Kings Cross/St Pancras, Russell Square and Euston underground stations.