Fiona from China

I need to say thank you to ILSC, making me feel so warm and at home. I love our breakfast, floor dinner, and all kinds of events. Learning about different cultures, religions, beliefs from students all over the world provides me with new perspectives towards life. Thank you ILSC!

Kanav from India

I loved my last 6 months in the Centre, getting to interact with a variety of committed post-graduate students from all over the world, making friends and acquaintances that are extremely valuable to me. It has been an enriching experience. The staff of the ILSC are amazing, accessible, friendly and helpful.

Paula from Chile

It has been so great living here, I have met some of my best friends who come from different parts of the world, and whom I would have not been able to meet in another place. I also enjoy the spirit of the centre, which usually organises events just so we can interact with each other, something that is very difficult to achieve living in other residences in London.

Sophie from China

The centre is not only a hall of residence, it’s more like a family where everyone living here contributes to help each other and share our experiences from our own backgrounds. As an international student from China, I tend to live in my safe circle and stay with other Chinese. But ILSC has pulled me out of it and given me chances to communicate with people from all over the world. Thank you ILSC!