An ideal location

The Centre is around a five minute walk from a number of major Tube and train stations (King’s Cross/St Pancras, Russell Square, Euston Station)

Walking Distance from London Universities

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: 12 minutes (5 minutes from LSHTM Tavistock Building)

UCL Institute of Education: 7 minutes

SOAS: 11 minutes

Birkbeck: 11 minutes

Senate House Library: 12 minutes

UCL (Gower Street): 15 minutes

London School of Economics: 22 minutes

Kings College: 30 minutes

A home away from home
Our community is diverse, tolerant and inclusive. We aim to host students from all over the world, from all denominations, all faiths and none. This gives our residents the opportunity to meet and learn from people from different cultural and religious backgrounds during their time in London. We make an effort to create a varied social programme and pastoral care is high on our priorities.

Every year we provide a home away from home for 80 residents, many of whom will come back again to stay with us for longer or shorter periods. No two years at the ILSC are quite the same, and yet some things never change; once you have lived with us, you will always have a place to call home in London, and we will be delighted to see you back at our hall again in the future.

Flexible approach to quality student housing
We have operated for more than 40 years and during this time we have seen many changes in the student housing market. One of the ways we have adapted to changes is by offering more flexible contracts than you normally find in London.

We also follow a distinct set of standards for our student accommodation, the National Code of Standards, which means that we are committed to providing high-quality student housing and have regular inspections to ensure we are compliant with the Codes.

At the ILSC we offer greater flexibility by allowing prospective residents to pick their preferred move-in and move-out date. There is no set contract start or end date, so you are not committed to a full year’s contract.

We define a long-term stay as only three calendar months or more. In case you need to leave sooner than the departure date you have chosen, our notice period is only 6 weeks; in most other places it is 12 weeks or more, with some not offering the possibility of giving notice at all. This means that, as long as you stay a minimum of three calendar months within the academic year, and you give the required notice if you need to leave sooner than expected, you will not be asked to pay for more than your contracted stay.

Fully equipped
As most of our residents have come from another country to study in the UK, we understand the need for a living space that is as well-equipped as possible. For this reason, we supply all residents with one set of bedding and one towel, and we have equipped all our kitchens with both electrical items, cookware and all the little bits and bobs you need in everyday life. This minimises the need to bring or purchase your own household items. Most residents only bring their clothes, study materials, and a few personal items.
Affordable housing with no hidden charges
Rent in London is always going to be expensive, but at the ILSC we are trying to keep cost to a minimum without letting go of our standards.

There are no administration fees at the point of application; applicants will only be asked to make payment to the Centre if they are offered a room.

We will ask prospective long-term residents to pay a booking fee when accepting their accommodation offer. At the beginning of your stay the booking fee will be used as the first month’s licence fee. After this, rent is due monthly in advance, so you will not have to budget for paying the full accommodation fees for the entire year in advance.

There are no extra bills or nasty surprises on top of your rent payments; all the bills are included, so on top of rent you will only need a household budget for your use of laundry facilities (this is pay-per-use), lunches and dinners.

Apart from bills, internet and breakfast, our residents also benefit from weekly room cleaning as well as regular cleaning and checking of kitchens, toilets and showers. This means that, during day to day life at the Centre, you will need to take care of basic clean up after cooking, take part in the recycling rota and similar, but most of day to day cleaning and housekeeping is done by staff, and you don’t have to purchase your own cleaning materials, kitchen cloths etc.

Many students coming to London aim for the lowest possible rent but forget that, if bills, travel and internet are not included, you could end up paying much more than expected per month as these all add up very quickly (in both time and money). You won’t have to worry about this at the ILSC.

No small print
The Licence Agreement / Residents’ Booklet for the academic year is available for download on our homepage. It is less than 30 pages long and contains no small print. This is the full contract that you are asked to read and sign when accepting a room at the ILSC. There are no hidden paragraphs, pitfalls or awkward small print to take into consideration.