There are a wide variety of activities on offer at the Centre by both staff and residents.

Be part of a community

The Centre is more than a hall of residence; it is a community with a Lutheran Christian ethos. Our residents choose to live here because they want to be part of this community and enjoy making a positive contribution to it. This may be demanding, but it is also hugely rewarding! Residents typically contribute in one of the following areas, in a way that fits with their busy lives as postgraduate students:

  • hospitality (e.g. organising or helping with events, catering, washing up)
  • chapel (supporting the spiritual life of the Centre, e.g. through music, helping set up, leading a simple time of prayer)
  • outings (e.g. leading a hiking trip, theatre visit, or sports activity).

To maintain and deepen the Centre’s community, all residents also commit to attending an annual weekend away in October (this year from 6-7 October 2018), and meetings or events with floor mates or the whole group of residents (up to once a month).

ISH membership – We have arranged block membership of International Students House (ISH) for all long-term residents.  ISH is a unique social, cultural and recreational centre that provides a wide programme of events for students. ISH membership allows you access to the following facilities: a restaurant, bar, cyber café, travel office and reduced membership to the fitness classes. For a small fee you can also join the Travel Club which offers great value trips to many destinations in the UK and Europe.International Students House (ISH) is located at 229 Great Portland Street, W1 (closest tube is Great Portland Street).

Yoga – Mondays from 7-8.15pm.  Classes for ILSC residents are at a reduced rate of £7 drop-in rate (non-residents are charged £13 drop-in rate; students are charged £8 drop-in rate).  Our teacher is British Wheel of Yoga instructor, Natasha Malik.  Feel free to email Natasha directly at if you have any questions.

St Paul’s Cathedral – We have six passes that can be used again and again for St Paul’s Cathedral so you can go alone or bring friends.  This saves you the entrance cost of £18!  Before you go, check the website to see if there is an event taking place meaning they will closed to visitors.  To borrow the passes please email, and indicate the date you would like to go.


For the latest updates, check our Facebook page (you do NOT need a Facebook account for this).