When is the deadline to apply for the academic year?
There is no set deadline for applications – we will keep taking applications until the hall is full for the academic year! This means that there will be years when we are still taking applications for the academic year in September or October. We try to keep you updated on availability via the News section of the website.

We need a little time to process and assess your application, so we recommend you apply well in advance – preferably not less than 10 business days before you wish to arrive.

If there is no availability for when you wish to stay, you can still submit your application and be placed on the waiting list. We will contact you directly with an update on our availability as soon as we can.

I want to live at the ILSC for the academic year, but I’m not Lutheran. Will I still qualify?
If you will be a full-time postgraduate student, then you may still qualify even if you are not Lutheran. The Centre takes applications from students from all over the world, from all religions and none; we take pride in being a home away from home for people of many different faiths, cultures and customs. If you feel that the ILSC will be the right place for you, then we will always encourage you to apply. There is no guarantee that all applicants will be offered a place, but it’s worth a try!
What room types are available, how big are they, what do they look like, and how are they furnished?
We have single and twin rooms, all refurbished in 2016. All our rooms have shared facilities (2 toilets, 2 showers and 1 kitchen to share between a maximum of 10 people).

All single rooms are the same size; approximately 2.80 x 4.50 meters (twin rooms are twice the size).

All rooms are furnished with a bed, under bed storage box, wardrobe with hanging rail and drawers, bookshelf, desk and office chair (twin rooms have two of each).

The rooms have main ceiling lights, desk lights, a window, window blinds, and a heater. All rooms have locks on the doors.

The ILSC supplies the mattress, mattress protector, duvet, pillow, pillow protector, pillow case, duvet case, sheet and towel. Residents who wish to have more than one set of bedding and towel are encouraged to purchase their own. During winter it will be possible to borrow a blanket.

You can see photos of a selection of rooms here.

Exactly what is included in rent?
Everything apart from laundry! Laundry is pay-per-use in our own launderette, situated on the lower ground floor of the building.

There will be no bills or nasty surprises on top of rent; the rate includes internet in the whole building, electricity, gas, water, heating, lighting etc., as well as breakfast every day.

I need an en suite/my own private bathroom.
All our rooms have shared facilities. If you need private facilities then you can enquire about a flat, which will have its own bathroom and kitchen. However, we don’t have many and they are priced higher than single and twin rooms. Please enquire via email to ilsc@lutheran.org.uk.

Whilst en suite rooms can be a preference when first looking for a room we do find that once people arrive this becomes less important.

I need a quiet room. How can I be sure that I will get it?
Our hall is a postgraduate hall only, and as most of our residents have long days and pressured schedules, we understand the need for quiet time especially in the early mornings and evenings.

Apart from the kitchens, our common rooms are located away from residential floors, and while we encourage residents to get together in their spare time, we also ask that everyone keeps noise to a minimum after 10pm, to ensure not to bother other residents or neighbours.

We rarely have noise complaints at the ILSC, but should this occur we are happy to support residents in finding a solution to everyone’s satisfaction.

I prefer to stay on a female/male only floor.
All floors at the ILSC are mixed gender so we are unable to provide accommodation on single sex floors.
Could I pay less rent if I opt out of breakfast?
No. Breakfast service is included in rent, whether you use it or not.
Can I pick my own room? When will I know what room I will get?
Rooms are allocated by staff. This is done based on availability, but we also try to make sure that all floors are well balanced both in terms of residents’ gender, country of origin, and cultural and religious background.

Sometimes we may have to re-allocate rooms at the last minute, so we are unable to tell you exactly what room you will be going into until the day you arrive. However, all the rooms are the same size and are furnished in similar ways, so there will not be much difference.

I just submitted my application. When will I know the outcome?

We aim to respond within 5 -10 business days. It may take a little longer during holiday periods.

If you are applying for a holiday let or short term stay then you can expect a slightly quicker response, but we always encourage applicants to submit their applications well in advance of their stay, to leave enough time for processing.

The office is manned Monday – Friday 8.30 – 17.00 so it will be during these times we read your applications, send offer letters and prepare for your stay. We will not be able to respond on bank holidays or at the weekend.

There is a resident office assistant on Saturdays 8.30 – 11.30, but they are mostly here for current residents and for this reason they will not be able to take new applications or help with urgent accommodation enquiries.

Can I have a guest while staying at the ILSC?
All ILSC residents can have guests during the day. Residents are responsible for their guests and must accompany them always, picking them up at the front door, signing them in at the front office, as well as signing them out and bringing them to the door again when they leave. For safety reasons, and to not upset other residents, guests can’t stay at the ILSC on their own; they must be with their host at all times, and residents are not permitted to hand their keys over to a guest.

Anyone wishing to have a guest stay with them overnight in their room must enquire with the office first and make a guest booking. Guests can stay a maximum of four nights in a row and will be able to have breakfast the following morning. It is possible to book a guest mattress and pillow/duvet, linen and towel for an overnight guest.

Due to local council regulation it is only possible for the ILSC to authorise one overnight guest per floor per night, so we recommend residents to check availability and book well in advance.

There will always be a charge for overnight guest bookings. The amount depends on the number of nights and whether you require mattress/linen.

I want to live in a community but worry I will be too busy throughout the year to attend all the Centre’s events. Will this be a problem?
A community requires effort from all members. To live happily together, the most important thing is that all residents try to be a good floor mate to one another; this includes respecting others, cleaning up after oneself, and taking responsibility for things such as noise, guests, recycling and social issues, if any arise. We encourage residents to take part in as many Centre events as possible, and to take initiative to do things together with others, but we also understand the pressures of postgraduate life and expect you to focus on your studies first and foremost.
Can I have my luggage/personal belongings sent to the ILSC before my arrival?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. We have limited storage space and are unable to lift/carry your items for you. You must ensure that anything you are sending to the ILSC will arrive with or after you.
Is there a curfew at the ILSC?
No. Residents hold an electronic key fob which works on the front door, any shared internal doors, and their own room door. The fob is valid 24/7.
What is your cancellation policy?
This depends on the type of booking you have. If you have received an offer letter from us, please read this as it will say exactly how much notice you need to give to cancel your booking. If you haven’t applied yet, please download our residents’ booklet where you will be able to read the cancellation policy for each booking type.
I have a child/children and would like to bring them with me/have them visit me during my stay. Can they do this?
Unfortunately, we are unable to host under 18’s at the ILSC. It will not be possible for anyone under the age of 18 to stay overnight in either single or twin rooms.